My artistic attitude expresses itself in a clear relation to space and time and to what is called the public sphere. And it is mediated through various (digital and analog) media and activities, mainly through projections (still images, moving images and animated still images). The final form of my art projects is based on a dialogical process between conception, chosen medium, the site and/or the context.

Increasing practice and experience in art and technologies eventually have let me to engage also in the context with regard to civilization in which art exists. Today part of this context is the omnipresence of digitally mediated images. It has been the flatness of these images without physical texture, which has been fascinating, irritating and challenging for me since two decades. Subsequently the endeavor to relocate them in space, which had been taken away by the digital media, has become crucial in my art projects. Appropriating these mass-produced images in a very personal way, they may loose something of the non-committal/detached character and trigger an (emotional) attitude or statement.

Speaking in terms of artistic material, images in form of reproductions made by other people than myself are the point of departure for most of my artistic projects and experiments; and those images I do collect for more than twenty years. This in the beginning more intuitive practice of collecting has been very important for my development as a human and as an artist. And it has determined my themes and interests. The fact that these images are part, or could be part of our collective memory, has caused sensitivity towards the inherent connection between the issues of the public sphere, images and human identity.

Andreas M. Kaufmann, Barcelona in June 2006