Intermission Projects
Lichtpause, 2004
The videotape "Lichtpause" shows a choreographed darkening of the city of Duisburg.

Technical data: Videotape, duration: 3' 28''.


Light Intermission. Videotape
Bilderpause, 1996 / 2000
The urban realm is no longer a site of identity-giving communal experience, but the arena for delirious consumerism with a narcotic effect on the masses. Anything that interfers with this purpose of movements in public is unwelcome. This is the point at which "Bilderpause", my proposed intervention, sets in.

Technical data: Photo simulations.

Image Intermission
Denkpause, 1984 / 1999
Concept for an action / happening at Cologne Neumarkt.

Technical data: Photo simulations.

Thinkin Intermission