Private / Public
much to much, 2004 / 2005
The video is shot from a subjective point of view and ends with a coreography (...) in which femenine representations of love, partnership, sex are the point of reference for this choreographic look (...) of the main character.

Technical data: Videotape: Length: 4' 54"


Blind Men Walking
Kunstverein Arnsberg, 2001

Above and below a board have been placed 22 TVs and a corresponding number of black Metronomes. The pendulums of these metronomes have been equipped with surveillance cameras of the size of a fingernail. These cameras were rocked by the pendulum and transmit what ever happened in front of them from outside and inside onto the TV-screens.

Technical data: 22 metronomes, 22 surveillance cameras, 22 TV-monitors of the last 30 years


Here you are
Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, 2000

Six projections are beamed from the palace interior onto six windows on the north-facing facade of Schloss Wolfsburg…

Technical data: 6 DVDs, 6 DVD players, 6 video projectors, rear-projection foil

here you are, Andreas M. Kaufmann
My Favorite Things
Video sculpture in front of the so called "Gürzenich" in context of the Cologne exhibition project "Brückengang" curated by Alexander Pey in 1998.

Technical data: Container, 2 exactly synchronized videoplayers, 2 beamers, sound system


my favourite things, video sculpture
Public Monument: Carlos, 1998
Video sculpture

With his appropriation and redefinition of a part of the public space, Carlos becomes an authentic public monument that confronts the spectator with the use and perception of the collective space.

Technical data: Round TV monitor, videoplayer, videotape


Carlos. Video sculpture
Hansa Gymnasium, Cologne 1996

In the preliminary stages of the UNESCO exhibition project "Art Special Hansa" in Cologne's Hansagymnasium, I held a workhops with the students about what it means to say "No". With a LCD video projector, the video recordings of students screaming "NO!" in the mothertongue were projected onto the water's surface. This functioned as a mirror and cast the video image onto the blackboard.

Technical data: Water basin, video projector, video player with tape on loop, amplifier, loudspeaker


Paris 57, 1984
The experimental film "PARIS 57" is based on a photo album documenting one year which my parents have spent together in Paris before they decided to marry. In 1984 those photographs have been taken to Paris again in search for the locations shown in the pictures from 1957. The film is an attempt to appropiate a specific time, in a also for me well known City, essentially not experienced by myself, but by my genitors. The film consist mostly of superimposed camera movements and images from 1957 and 1984 all composed inside my Single 8 Film Camera without direct visiual controll. The strinkt documentation of each take-up determined the storyboard as well as the final result in an open ongoing process, which left space to react towards the unforeseen…

Technical data: Single-8 Film with double or more exposures inside the filmkamera - not in postproduction. Made in Paris and Münster 1984. Assistance: Agnes Forsthuber, Soh-Yong Park and Wolfram Schwegmann.