Michelangelo Project
In the Light of the Floating World
Shoge-River, Amagasaki (Japan), 1994

This rotoating large size slide projection projects five tracings from Michelangelo's "The Cration of the World" into the citiy.

Techical Data: Rotating table, stage projector, circular slide cartridge

In the Light of the Floating World
Die Erschaffung der Welt
Gyokozouin Tempel, Urawa (Japan), 1993

Onto the Buddhist temple Gyokozouin and the trees in a small park before it was projected a tracing of Michelangelo’s ceiling fresco The Creation of the Sun, Moon and the Plantets (also: The Creation of the World).

Technical Data: Stage projector, slide

The Creation of the World
Kleine Kunstgeschichtsmaschine, 1991
Since 1991 this smoothly revolving slide-projection has flagged art institutions and other public spaces all over the world. Despite the constant speed of rotation, the viewer is enabled to experience the artwork in various ways, depending on his own position in the space.

Techical Data: Rotating mechanism, Stage projector, slide.


Kleine Kunstgeschichtsmachine, Little Art History Machine, copyright Andreas M. Kaufmann
Trennung von Licht und Finsternis
Museum Bochum, 1991

This intervention is part of the workgroup called the "Michelangelo-Project". An outlined drawing, taken from Michelangelo's Sistine ceiling fresco called "The separation of Light and Darkness" has been projected onto a wall of the museum 24 hours a day. The wall slice, which served as projection screen, starts outside and continues inside of the building as part of an exhibition space.

Technical data: 1 slide-projector, one slide (blank and black)

Trennung von Licht und Finsternis
Impossible Touch
Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, 2001

The installation has been realized on the occasion of the exhibition Forum Junker Kunst.

Technical data: 2 slide-projectors, two blank and black slides

Impossible Touch.